Meet Jan

Jan Edwards is a Republican Candidate for Congress in Florida's 7th District. A former telecommunications executive and successful business leader, she is now leading the fight to eradicate human trafficking in Florida and across the globe.

At birth, Jan was adopted by two “superheroes”, her adoptive parents.  While growing up in California and Arizona, Jan’s mother, a registered occupational therapist and founding member of the American Hand Therapy Society and her father, a Navy Commander and pilot, taught her the value of family, community and hard work.

As an adult, Jan sought out and reconnected with her birth mother and her Native American heritage.  This knowledge of her heritage combined with an understanding of the evils of human trafficking ultimately led her to becoming one of the nation’s foremost leaders in human trafficking prevention education.

As a Republican and Native American woman, Jan understands the importance of working to protect vulnerable populations and will take that fight to Washington. She will continue working to improve the nation’s economy, while advancing the middle-class; increase access to affordable, quality health care; and bring practical, real-world solutions to the vast issues facing our nation.

For her dedicated work, Jan has been featured in Huffington Post and Epoch Times as well as NBC and iHeartRadio as an influencer on trafficking prevention education. Her foundation, Paving the Way, has educated over 8,500 children, teens and adults over the past two years. This work earned her recognition as the 2018 Brevard Business Accelerator Humanitarian of the Year and one of Orlando Magazine’s Women of The Year in 2019. Edwards also wrote, co-directed and produced the award-winning film, Trapped in the Trade, which was featured on CNN.

Jan and her daughter Sarah both reside in Orlando.